Singer Tfame hospitalized after being st@bbed and r@bbed by his besties in S. Afric

Singer Tfame hospitalized after being st@bbed and r@bbed by his besties in S. Africa

Nigerian singer and football agent, Anthony Idise aka Tfame, has been hospitalized after he was allegedly att@cked by his besties in Gauteng, South Africa. 

It was gathered that the 32-year-old was att@cked by two of friends and four others on Friday, October 7. 

They were said to have st@bbed him repeatedly and made away with his phones, cash and other valuables. 

According to Tfame, “I was set up by my so called friends; Uyisky, Madagascar aka PM and four others. Uyisky lured me to come and see him at his place, but when I got there, they att@cked me, st@bbed me and st@le all my watches, phones, cash and jewelry. 

PM Madagascar, who ran from Dubai to South Africa, is the one who brought the other guys to r@b me and att@ck me because he has always been jealous of me and envy of my watches and diamonds. They used Uyisky to lure me out.

If not for neighbors that called security, I would be de@d by now because their plan was to k#ll me and take all my belongings and afterwards disable my iCloud so there won’t be any trace. My Rolex and AP watches are gone and so are my other jewelry. 

They are currently on the run. Everyone please help me, I am d¥ing inside. I need Justice.”

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